La Serenissima

La Serenissima


In 1608, English traveller Thomas Coryate travelled from England across Europe, to Venice, where he was so enchanted by “the best music that ever I heard in all my life…which was both vocal and instrumental, so good so delectable, so rare, so admirable, so superexcellent that it did even ravish and stupefy all those strangers that never heard the like.”


This was a time of evolution and invention and Venice, a cosmopolitan hive of activity with international trade links was a perfect meeting point for diversity and experimentation. New musical ideas, including by the birth of opera and introduction of rhetoric led to a turning point in the development of instrumental composition, contributing to a transformation in the composition of sacred music.


Played on cornetti, sackbuts, organ and lute and joined by voices, sometimes in multiple choirs, Osiris, together with your choir, brings the chance to experience the very sound world which made such an impression on not only Thomas Coryate, but virtually every King, Queen, Duke and Emperor across 16th & 17th century Europe.


Music written for the glory of God and the satisfaction of the most important people in Western society, this concert, including vocal and instrumental works by composers such as Gabrieli, Monteverdi and Schütz, gives you a chance to bathe in the drama, colour and beauty of the newly unfolding baroque era.


This programme is possible with various sizes of ensemble according to venue and budget. Please contact us for more information.