Let us join your choir.

Bathe in the glories of Venice with our beautiful La Serenissima programme, celebrate festive seasons with masses for Easter and/or Christmas, or perform Monteverdi's masterpiece, his 1610 Vespers with us. We can help you create a perfect programme for any choir's size and ability, featuring instrumental and a capella items as well as the opulent sound of voices and instruments.


Recital Programmes

Our virtuosic core group is also joined by friends from the top of baroque performance to create a variety of imaginative programmes to suit any venue, theme or budget. Here are two examples:


'The Winds of Change' - from stilo-antiqua to moderno, we explore the birth of chamber music.

The 16th century was a golden age for Europe's wind players. Composers wrote sumptuous motets, canzonas and sonata which routinely called for multiple trombones and cornetti. However, shortly into the 17th century came the birth of opera. This, together with other recently introduced ways of thinking inspired a new manner of composition, featuring solo sonatas and virtuosic chamber music which featured the wind instruments in an entirely new light. Our programme juxtaposes styles old and new, featuring ground breaking works by composers such as Dario Castello, Giovanni Picchi and Giovanni Cesare.

2 cornetts, 2 trombones, organ


Of Knights & Castles

16th-17th century Europe: royal and imperial residencies were active musical centres; hives of creativity and international gatherings. Composers such as Lassus, a Knight of the Golden Spur, pioneered new forms of composition, producing sumptuous, rich polyphony. Years later, Marc António Ferro, another Knight of the Golden Spur composed effervescent, adventurous sonatas. This programme features music from Germany, England, Austria Denmark and Italy. Available as an instrumental or vocal programme.

2 cornettos, 2 violins, 2 trombones, dulcian, organ. Optional singer(s).